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In our category shock absorbers, boat springs and mooring for the boat you will be able to find the shock absorber or the spring is ideal for mooring of your boat. The springs for the mooring have the function to absorb the hits that they take the boats from the peaks for mooring. We will offer you a wide range of ghosts for a mooring based on the size and weight of your boat, you then have the option of selecting the best price for your springs to the mooring or for your shock absorber mooring. We treat both springs for mooring, stainless the fantastic soft mooring; rubber shock absorbers mooring Unimer or Douglas Marine, rubber, steel, zinc plated. Everything you need for the boat, it can be found in our shop Adria Marine on Over 10,000 products for the boating catalog. Fast deliveries in Italy and in the World.

€22.11 -18%

268mm mooring shock absorber for 18mm diameter rope. Nuova Rade MILLA rubber mooring springs are designed to cushion the movements of the hull when the boat is moored. They absorb the shocks of the rope, eliminating unnecessary effort and preserving its duration. They can reduce the noises caused by the pitching of the boat. Made of rubber resistant to UV rays and sea water. They are available in 3 sizes.