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Buy from us top and spraytop! Here you can find products of Magic Marine, Zhik, Neil Pryde, or Gul. If you want to instead search for the brand name, you can use the special filters.

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Offers unrivaled flexibility and an extension. The result is that you use less energy trying to move in your outfit leaving more energy to focus on going fast.

ELITE MATRIX offers a superb option to the ELITE product line. The use of the MATRIX core, a 3D matrix of honeycomb tubes, was made using a higher limestone based neoprene and offers even greater heat and flexibility, further reducing the weight of the 'element. Stitches sewn with gluing and blind ensure that water penetration is minimal.


Gul has an extensive range of spray tops and trousers offering different levels of protection against the elements. The waterproof, breathable fabrics GCX2 are designed to keep out the wet and reduce the effects of wind. By combining different products in the range, you can stay warm, dry and comfortable, whether you're learning on inshore waters or racing hard offshore.