Starter F2 5A

Starter F2 5A

All of the original parts Yamaha for the starter of your outboard motor F2,5A. By transmitting the order is pleasing to the serial number of the engine.

1 69M157100000 STARTER ASSY

2 69M157140000 DRUM, SHEAVE

3 69M157410000 PAWL, DRIVE

4 67D157130000 SPRING, STARTER

5 67D157050000 SPRING, DRIVE PAWL

6 69M157350000 GUIDES, CAM

7 69M157930000 SCREW

8 69M157390000 WASHER, THRUST

9 69M157510000 WIRE, STARTER (L:1500MM)

10 6G1157550000 HANDLE, STARTER

11 6G1157790000 COVER

12 69ME57890000 DAMPER

13 975950656000 BOLT, WITH WASHER

14 69M157620000 SEAL, RUBBER 2

15 69M241820000 DAMPER, LOCATING 2