Motor trim F40D-F50F-F60C

Motor trim F40D-F50F-F60C

All of the original parts Yamaha for the motor trim of your outboard F40D-F50F-F60C. By transmitting the order is pleasing to the serial number.

1 6C5438800100 MOTOR ASSY

2 9020608N5100 WASHER, WAVE

3 93399999T800 BEARING

4 6C5438050000 ARMATURE ASSY

5 6C5438040100 STATOR ASSY

6 6C5438690000 O-RING

7 6C5438790000 SCREW, WITH WASHER

8 6C5438810100 FRAME, END

9 6C5438820000 OIL SEAL

10 6C5438910000 BRUSH 1

11 6C54386K0000 SPRING, BRUSH

12 913800502000 BOLT,SOCKET