Yamaha outboard dealer

Yamaha Friuli Venezia Giulia outboard dealer

It has been 40 years since Adria Marine started in Trieste with the prestigious - certainly the most reliable - Japanese brand Yamaha. The Yamaha outboard motor is the most sought after among the used and consequently the one that maintains the highest value over time. Adria Marine started when the Yamaha range reached up to 90 horsepower (hp) two-stroke, today thinking that some engines reach 600 hp is a saying. At the end of the 1980s, Yamaha marketed the legendary top 700, a 50 horsepower two-stroke - the best-selling engine in its class - which despite 30 years have passed are still in perfect working order. In the early 90s, the 4-strokes came out, sending the production of the 4-strokes into retirement, at least in Europe. Today Yamaha boasts a range that starts from the small F2.5 and up to the 425 horsepower XTO. Adria Marine with undisputed experience can guide you, as well as in the right choice of engine for your boat, also on the advice of the propeller, the control box or accessories. Yamaha also offers possible financing at TAN 0 up to € 6000, perfect for the most sought-after engines F40H (40-60 hp) and F40G (40-70 hp) to be driven without a boat license. Furthermore, as an official Yamaha outboard dealer, we can also help you with all original Yamaha spare parts .