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The panels polycrystalline solar Uflex® are manufactured with materials of first quality and ensure a high yield and a long service life.

The cells for high-efficiency are of top quality, the glasses are anti-glare, high transmittance, and The frames are made of anodized aluminum. The mounting holes in the back panel allow for easy installation.

Uflex® follows a System of Quality management according to standards ISO 9001:2008

The photovoltaic modules manufactured Uflex® are certified according to the standards IEC61215, IEC61730 and CE.

Size: 465x665x34mm
P. Max: 40W
Vmp: 17.7 V
Imp: 2.3 A
Voc Of 21.5 V
Isc: 2,58 To
€21.59 -25%

SMILE trumpet, recessed, with white grille, blister Trumpet electromagnetic built for small boats, dinghies, sailing boats. System with recessed frontal positioning quick. The body of ASA white and UV-resistant. Mask in the ASA white with interlocking button. Membrane for protection and breathability. Trumpet with powerful sound and timbre marina.