Greases and lubricants

Greases and lubricants

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Buy lubricants and greases for maintenance and cleaning of your boat Over 10,000 products in the catalog. Fast deliveries in Italy and in the World.

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Tube of grease, petroleum jelly 125ml. Cream, solvent-refined pure, colorless, inert. It does not oxidize, does not become rancid, does not harden, does not turn yellow. Does not stain. It does not react with the materials. It contains no additives. Lubricant adherent and persistent for tools and machine tools, transmissions, hinges, latches, threaded, technical uses for household and hobby. Sealant non-hardening, and is hardly removable by water and alcohol. Confers water resistance to fabrics, leather, leather; keeps them flexible and soft, prevents marciscano.