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Small repairs

In our category of small repairs, you can find products for small repairs of your boat such as the white gelcoat or bi-component putty, as you scroll through our site you will see the best price for the repair kit fiberglass, spatulas, and everything that you may need to do a mini repair on your boat. Everything you need for the boat, it can be found in our shop Adria Marine on Over 10,000 products for the boating catalog. Fast deliveries in Italy and in the World.

Stucco and polyesters, two-component,
Stucco and polyesters, two-component, translucent spatula applicable, reinforced with glass fiber, for greater strength and flexibility. Act to the reconstruction of the missing parts and small gaps. Packaging 200 g.
White Gel-Coat
GEL COAT, two-component, high-strength, white "4-in-1. Use it as a normal putty spatula applicable, and the final result is a finish of brilliant white that restores the original surface of the gel-coat chipped, sfrisato or dented. Can be overcoated. Packaging 200 g.
Repair Kit fiberglass
Repair Kit fiberglass compostc from: polyester resin, catalyst, fiberglass cloth cm 120x20, glass mixer. Pack of 200g.
Primer paint anti-rust grey
The bottom anti-rust neutral high-strength, excellent adhesion to the substrate. Indispensable for smoothing the surface before the coating and increase the durability of the finish.
Can paint red
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Can paint in red color