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Cuts optimized, the new design, the areas with the most reflective, and the possibility to choose between a cuff in neoprene or latex.

The Junior PRO II is an evolution of the dry suit junior PRO. The cuts were optimized for a better fit, the cuff in neoprene superstretch * offers more warmth, durability and comfort, the areas with the most reflective, and a flap on the zipper to the dry, make it even safer while the new design is a product of fashion.

The boots and wrists in latex to ensure that no water from the cavities of the dry suit. The front zipper dry allows you easy dressing and closing of the suit. Elasticated waist, half-belt adjustable shoulder straps elastic inside and cut pre-formed make this product extremely comfortable and usable for a longer period of time (growth). The duration of the dry suit is guaranteed by inserts in Cordura high-tenacity on the knees and seat.