Charger and the separation charger for the boat

Charger and Separators of charge

Charger and the separation charger for the boat

In our category of battery charger and the separation charger for the boat, you can find different types and prices of the latter; the battery charger to the boat and the separator, and charge for the boat will vary according to the amperage and to the outputs. What is the battery for the boat? The charger boat is used boat precisely to recharge the batteries from 220V shore supply 12 or 24V to the batteries, turning the current from alternating to continuous. What does the distributor charge instead? The splitter charging for boat, also called a separator of charge for the boat, is used to separate the current that comes from the engine or from a battery charger to direct the charging of different batteries. Everything you need for the boat, it can be found in our shop Adria Marine on Over 10,000 products for the boating catalog. Fast deliveries in Italy and in the World.

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This relay allows you to simultaneously charge two batteries with 1 alternator. When you start the engine, Voltage Sensitive Relay stays open until the start battery reaches 13,7 / 27 V. At this point, Voltage Sensitive Relay closes the contact and simultaneously charges the 2 batteries. When you stop the engine and the voltage drops below 12,8 / 25,2 V, Voltage Sensitive Relay opens the contact and separates the two batteries, thus avoiding the need to drain the battery wrong and also avoiding current peaks, damaging to the vehicle, when the engine restarts. Protects the starter battery from the danger of being discharged because of services on board. No voltage drop. No absorption of current in the phase stand by. Easy to install without modifying the cabling of the alternator. Auto select 12/24 V.