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Browse our categories accessories sailing to find anemometers, handbags or bags, raincoats, pliers and multi-purpose as the Leatherman. Everything you need for the boat, it can be found in our shop Adria Marine on Over 10,000 products for the boating catalog. Fast deliveries in Italy and in the World.


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Buy from us a waterproof bag, a waterproof bag or a backpack pond! Here you can find products of the Magic Marine or amphibious..

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Buy from us, knives and pliers, multi-purpose! Here you can find products of Leatherman or Mac.

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Browse our category "Needles and accessories for leads", you will find the most suitable needle to lead your dyneema or your rope. In addition to the various needles, including those for sewing, we also treat the ankles, the palm guard and the various waxed threads to finish your lead. Everything you may need for the boat can be found on our website at or at our Adria Marine shop. Over 10,000 nautical products in the catalogue. Fast shipping throughout Italy and the world.

Anemometer Kestrel 1000
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Kestrel 1000, wind speed maximum, average, and current, floating, waterproof, 5 years warranty, calibration certified.
Envelope document holder 20x25
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Envelope document holder, padded nylon, polyethylene float. Velcro closure.
Guidascotta restrictor small, grey
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Easily mounted on the 'T-Cleat' and 'C-Cleat". Allows for precise mounting and releasing from any angle. Minor efforts of entry to the curl decentralised. Will not catch lines or clothing.
Waxed thread white Marlow 0.4 mm
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The waxed thread Marlow 0.4 mm. For sewing sails and splicing the tops, spools of plastic.
Leatherman WAVE
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Leatherman WAVE
Polyester sail thread
Special high-strength thread for sewing white sails. Spool of 30 meters
Bag waterproof 60 liters
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A sports bag lightweight, fully waterproof with inner tape and a locking roll-top made of durable rip stop nylon 75D. The bag "Go To" for all trips as it is easily packaged and fits into a small space.
Stick optimist with colored neoprene
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Special Optimist Deluxe Jamaica Rudder Extension, Black Anodized Aluminum with Releasable Rubber Swivel / Swivel and Multi-Color Foam Handle. The joint incorporates a fiber core molded in the center. This fiber core will avoid complete failure in case of rubber break.
wind indicator WINDEX 10"
WINDEX 10 was designed as a smaller version of the famous WINDEX 15, which has more than a million copies around the world. The WINDEX 10 is suitable for sailing boats of the family, or racing with a pole height of up to 8-9 metres (25-30 feet). It is a smaller model that preserves the famous and superior technology Sapphire Suspension, which allows to recognize changes in the wind direction just one degree. Like all models in the WINDEX, it is extremely strong in all wind conditions and has been tested in a wind tunnel with speeds up to 80 knots!
Wind vane WINDEX 15"
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Wind vane with arrows, mounted on hard stone for smoothness. A very sensitive and stable, fitted with angle indicator, close-hauled. Sold in an elegant package.
Backpack pond 30 L
Backpack lightweight, durable and waterproof with hook roll-top closure system-loop. The bag is sealed with sealed seams welded and includes extra pockets on the top and bottom with waterproof zippers to keep dry your valuables.
Small anklet
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Small 170 mm stainless steel anklet, PVC handle for splicing
Knife sub AQUATYS
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Dive knife Mac coltellerie, great for brackish environments due to the stainless steel blade.
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Toiletry bag folding with hanger for ease of use in the locker room or in the shower. Contains 3 compartments for organizing cosmetics and toiletries, all of which are designed to allow drainage. Contains an outer membrane water-resistant to protect interior items. Specifically designed to hold all of your personal items during a trip.