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Steccate read developed with an extensive research focused on the construction StayFit and on the spread of the load to ensure the best possible product for the best sailors in the world. The technique of construction of the sleeves StayFit allows a socket with an adjustment strap in the mesh to ensure that the pad remains in the correct position to support long days on the water. The construction includes a housing in the pre-moulded EVA fit-splints-rigid fiber glass. The pad can be worn under all combinations of the suit to cover all ranges of the weather and the attack of the hook and loop closure allows you to easily remove them. * product not available in the United States

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This flexible pad Kevlar® is a pad protective resistant, using neoprene bifoderato for a longer duration. Adjustable straps elasticated to ease dressing. Equipped with the D30 offers a comfortable protection for a wide range of sports applications. The D30 is a high-performance, comfortable and flexible without compromise on performance for maximum impact protection.