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Toiletry bag folding with hanger for ease of use in the locker room or in the shower. Contains 3 compartments for organizing cosmetics and toiletries, all of which are designed to allow drainage. Contains an outer membrane water-resistant to protect interior items. Specifically designed to hold all of your personal items during a trip.

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Small travel bag to sailing with straps to a backpack removable developed to offer the best storage solution in small dimensions. Contains a separate compartment on one end, and with additional internal pockets for storage of essential items. The main compartment is equipped with a compartment waterproof integrated to separate the kit wet and dry. Through the clever arrangement of the bag, there is a place where everything can be stored you will need for a weekend of navigation. Hinges anti corrosion and a reinforced base on the bag to ensure the durability of this bag.

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This flexible pad Kevlar® is a pad protective resistant, using neoprene bifoderato for a longer duration. Adjustable straps elasticated to ease dressing. Equipped with the D30 offers a comfortable protection for a wide range of sports applications. The D30 is a high-performance, comfortable and flexible without compromise on performance for maximum impact protection.