Yamaha 225D spare parts

Browse our category "Yamaha 225D spare parts" to find all the exploded views and related spare parts necessary for the maintenance or repair of your Yamaha 225 horsepower (hp or cv) 2-stroke outboard. Not all spare parts are always available in stock, those of non-routine maintenance can be supplied within 2-3 days. When placing the order, the complete serial number of the engine is appreciated. If you want to know if your Yamaha spare part is present in our shop, we advise you to contact us. Everything you need for the boat can be found on our website at www.adriamarine.net or at our Adria Marine shop. Over 10,000 products for boating in the catalog. Fast shipping throughout Italy and around the world.

Fuel pump 100 - 250 hp 2-stroke
Complete fuel pump for Yamaha outboard motor 100A-115B-115C-130B-L130B-150C-L150C-150F-L150F-175B-175D-200B-200F-L200F-225B-225C-225D-225G-250A-L250A-250B-L250B horses (hp) 2 strokes
Petrol pump gasket 100 - 250 hp
Fuel pump body gasket for Yamaha 100 - 115 - 130 - 150 - 175 - 200 - 225 - 250 horsepower (hp or hp) 2-stroke outboard motor
Gasket 2 fuel pump 100 - 250 hp
2 Fuel Pump Body Gasket for Yamaha 100A-115B-115C-130B-L130B-150C-150F-175B-175D-200B-L200B-200F-L200F-225B-225C-225D-225G-250A-L250A-250B-L250B horses (hp) 2 strokes