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Cable entry
Elastic fins furniture. are secured to the bulkhead and torque support and protect the rods, colour white, can also be used as a ferrule fitting.Ø internal 10/50mm, outside diameter 70mm.
Ring Grommet White
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Øinterno: 60mm, Øesterno:90mm.
Cap Grommets Black 69mm
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hole Diameter: 69mm external diameter: 103mm. Color black
Headphone Cable 50mm
Outer diameter: 50mm, diameter of cable: 5mm, height: 84 mm, colour grey.
Grommet steering double R3
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Grommet steering double R3 2 holes Ø 105 mm h 52 mm
Headphone cable duct PVC white
Headphone cable duct PVC white. Supplied complete with a fixing ring nut and nylon cable tie clamp to the cables.
Pipe grommets
Pipe exit. In polished AISI 316 stainless steel, for electric cables, from mast foot to inside cabin.
Gray cable cover 115mm
Gray interlocking rubber guide rail. Gray Cut ∅ 76 mm / ∅ Overall 115 mm Height 140mm