The motor shaft and the piston 40H

The motor shaft and the piston 40H

All of the original parts Yamaha for the shaft and the piston of your outboard engine 40H. By transmitting the order is pleasing to the serial number of the engine.


2 6H4115360000 GEAR, DRIVE

3 93306305U800 BEARING

4 93306305U800 BEARING

5 934406205700 CIRCLIPS

6 902015030600 WASHER, PLATE

7 6H4116310195 PISTON (STD)

7 6H4116350100 PISTON (25MM O/S)

7 6H4116360100 PISTON (50MM O/S)

8 6H4116010000 PISTON RING SET

8 6H4116011000 PISTON RING SET

8 6H4116012000 PISTON RING SET

9 648116330000 PIN, PISTON

10 9360220M0200 PIN, DOWEL

11 6H4116410000 WASHER, PISTON PIN

12 6H4116340100 CLIP, PISTON PIN

13 6H415369A100 GASKET

14 6H41539603CA SEAT SEAL

15 9310225M2800 OIL SEAL

16 9310116M3600 OIL SEAL (6A8)

17 9321057M0900 O-RING

18 970800602000 BOLT (7U8)

19 929900660000 WASHER, PLATE

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