Self-priming pumps

Self-priming pumps

Self-priming pumps for boat

In our category of self-priming pumps marine you can find the priming pump for the circulation of any type of liquid, be it water, oil or fuel. The pump is self-priming and is capable of pushing the liquid to greater distances thanks to the fan that keeps the interior. We deal in different types with different prices, from the self-priming pump marine for the transmission of the water with the rubber impeller, pump self-priming marine for the transmission of oil or gas with bronze gears or impeller in ptfe. The price varies depending on the type and the brand that can vary between pump Johnson pump Mark.Everything you need for the boat, it can be found in our shop Adria Marine on Over 10,000 products for the boating catalog. Fast deliveries in Italy and in the World.

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€116.39 -25%

Electric pumps with bronze gears helical for the transfer of lubricating oils or viscous liquids. Body in nickel-plated brass, shaft in stainless steel. Particularly suitable for emptying the housing of the motors using the appropriate kit of tubes (OK1) and for the operations of lubrication engines.