The motor shaft and the cylinder F6A-F6B-F8C

The motor shaft and the cylinder F6A-F6B-F8C

All of the original parts Yamaha for the motor shaft and the cylinder of your outboard motor F6A-F6B-F8C. By transmitting the order is pleasing to the serial number of the engine.

1 9310230M2200 OIL SEAL

2 9310125M6900 OIL SEAL

3 60RE14110000 CRANKSHAFT

4 68T114160100 BIG TOUR

4 68T114161100 BIG TOUR

4 68T114162100 BIG TOUR


6 67D116540000 .BOLT, CONNECTING ROD

7 6AU116310096 PISTON

7 60RE16350000 PISTON (25MM O/S)

7 60RE16360000 PISTON (50MM O/S)

8 68T116030100 SERIES SEGMENTS

8 60RE16040000 PISTON RING SET (25MM O/S)

8 60RE16050000 PISTON RING SET (50MM O/S)

9 68T116330000 PIN,PISTON

10 934501502300 CIRCLIPS

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