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Cleaning and maintenance

Buy products for cleaning and maintenance of your boat in Adria Marine on Over 10,000 products in the catalog. Fast deliveries in Italy and in the World.

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Fastol eliminates water and sludge bituminous, maintaining tanks, fuel, power circuits, spark plugs and combustion systems clean and lubricated. Thanks to its high power of surfactant, it increases the efficiency of combustion, favoring the best performance and reducing fuel consumption.


Thanks to its powerful action Tensio-Cleaning which makes it the most complete product in the diesel, Fastol keeps the tank circuits and is absolutely clean, reliable engines and a perfect combustion. The first treatment of 5 per thousand compared to the volume of the tank evacuating in advance, if possible, any excessive accumulations of water from the tank. A good rule is to make an anti-bacterial treatment with Eco-Bact. Subsequent treatments: 1 vial for 200 Litres for each refuelling, doubling the dose for the sailing boats.