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Cleaning and maintenance

Buy products for cleaning and maintenance of your boat in Adria Marine on Over 10,000 products in the catalog. Fast deliveries in Italy and in the World.

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GEL COAT, two-component, high-strength, white "4-in-1. Use it as a normal putty spatula applicable, and the final result is a finish of brilliant white that restores the original surface of the gel-coat chipped, sfrisato or dented. Can be overcoated. Packaging 200 g.


Polish YACHTICON Teflon Polish. It is a polish based with teflon that ensures a long protection time, and a surface brilliant and water-repellent. If used on the hull, makes it particularly smooth and it is, therefore, recommended for boats from regatta. Package of 500 ml.

€17.38 -15%

Ship Echo is a powerful degreaser, biodegradable and non-flammable, indicated in a special way to the bilges and engines. Important feature of the Ship Echo is an environmentally friendly product. You can use pure or diluted, for each degreasing operation: in the bilge, on the engine, and anywhere you want to remove oil, naphtha, greases, both inside and outside of the boat.

€13.12 -20%

Degreasing agent superattivo ready to use ideal to quickly remove stains of any kind from plastic material, flexible or rigid (tubular hypalon, PVC, awnings, fabrics, etc.). Removes quickly stains of any kind from surfaces in plastic and laminated, interior trim and equipment on board, including the kitchen and other accessories, where the normal detergents are not effective. Dissolves progressively, the residues of petrochemical products (coal tar), of products the tanning, ink and other nature. Does not require rinsing. Bottle with sprayer ml. 750. Conf. 18 pcs.

€20.49 -20%

Sika Teak Oil is a solution of the oily solvent based, designed for the maintenance of bridges and teak decks or wood in similar. It is applied after you have used the Sika Teak C+B (art. 6472401/2). The specific use: - Apply on the surface DRY with a brush or cloth. - Leave for two to three minutes. - Remove the excess oil with a clean cloth and lint-free cloth. - Repeat as long as it is not necessary to remove the excess oil (not absorbed by the wood). - Leave to dry for at least six hours.