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Stainless steel hinges

Stainless steel hinges for boats

Browse our category of stainless steel boat hinges and immediately find the hinge for your boat. Everything you need for the boat can be found in our Adria Marine shop on In addition to 10,000 products for boating in the catalog. Fast shipping throughout Italy and around the world.

48 x 37 mm protruding knot hinge
Protruding knot hinge in stainless steel, mirror polished, with vibration damping by braked central axis.
Hinge with protruding knot 80 x 50 mm
Hinge in polished stainless steel, half built-in. Equipped with central oval holes to allow perfect centering. Designed for locker hinging. With vibration damping via braked central axis.
Zip 2mm
Hinge 2mm