Nautical equipment and accessories

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If you are passionate about the sea and sailing, you are in the right place. Ours is an Online Shop for Pleasure Boating and Sailing and with physical headquarters in Trieste, Italy.

Deck accessories

Our selection of nautical deck accessories expertly combines style and functionality to enrich your vessel.

From elegant and sturdy stanchions and handrails, made of corrosion-resistant materials, to awnings designed to offer sun protection in all conditions, we offer high-quality solutions that transform the deck of your vessel.

Explore our complete range and discover how to transform your boat's deck into a unique and functional space.

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Anchoring and Mooring

Ensure worry-free sailing with our selection of high-quality anchoring and mooring systems.

Our materials, robust with galvanized steel and resistant to corrosion like AISI 316 stainless steel, guarantee you a safe seal in all conditions.

Complete your equipment with our mooring systems, from fenders and their socks, to bollards, ropes and windlasses, designed to simplify anchoring operations.

Invest in your peace of mind - discover our selection and browse with confidence.

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Comfort on board

Explore our exclusive category of nautical comfort, where style and practicality come together to transform your vessel into a luxury retreat. From sinks to marine toilets, from ergonomic seats to table legs, we offer a curated selection of products that guarantee uncompromising comfort. Our sinks combine modern design and functionality, while the Jabsco marine toilet offers reliable performance and water savings. Ergonomic seats ensure total relaxation while sailing, while table legs are designed to fit limited space, offering versatility and style. Renew your onboard environment with our range of nautical comforts, where every detail is designed to make your experience at sea unforgettable.

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On-board electronics and instruments

Explore our category dedicated to electronics, instruments and navigation, where cutting-edge technology combines with superior performance to enrich your experience at sea.

From GPS navigation systems to advanced control units, we offer solutions designed to ensure safe and precise navigation. Our onboard instrumentation includes reliable instruments and intuitive displays, providing clear and detailed information during every journey.

Choose from our range of marine electronics, including depth sounders, radars and autopilots, to maximize control and safety on board.

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Electrical Equipment

Explore our range of electrical equipment designed to improve the safety and efficiency of your vessel. Our LED and regulatory compliant lighting systems ensure visibility in all conditions.

We also guarantee emergency electrical solutions, with marine batteries, smart chargers and solar panels.

Invest in quality and safety with our cutting-edge electrical equipment.

Discover the complete range for technology-enhanced navigation.

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Nautical hardware store

Our marine hardware offers sturdy and reliable components for every vessel. From cleats, to hooks, to bases, our selection is designed to withstand marine challenges.

The cleats ensure safe anchoring, while the carabiners and functional accessories simplify daily operations on board.

Our hardware is made of AISI 316 stainless steel, durable against marine agents.

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Nautical Water System: Comfort and Reliability at Sea

Discover our range of water system products designed to ensure comfort and reliability on board.

Bilge pumps and surge pumps ensure a constant flow of water, while durable tanks and piping maximize efficiency.

Our taps and accessories offer functionality and design for practical and long-lasting use.

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Maintenance and systems

Our category dedicated to engine and marine system maintenance offers a wide range of high quality products to ensure optimal performance of your vessel.

From air and oil filters, we offer solutions for marine engine maintenance, ensuring reliability and longevity. Original components and spare parts guarantee compatibility and superior quality for precise maintenance. Specialized tools and accessories simplify on-board maintenance operations.

Invest in the performance and life of your engine and marine systems by exploring our full range of products for smooth sailing and optimal performance.

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Prepare your boat for any emergency with our selection of safety equipment.

From distress signs to life jackets and emergency rafts, we have everything you need to sail with peace of mind.

Choose from a variety of distress signals suited to all weather conditions and your boat's specific needs.

Our life jackets are designed for comfort and safety, ensuring reliable buoyancy when needed. And with our emergency rafts, you can face any unexpected situation with confidence.

Take care of the safety of your vessel and those who share it with you by exploring our full range of marine safety equipment.

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