Blocks, pulleys, and cams

Blocks, pulleys, and cams

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Blocks Viadana

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Cam Cleat Clamcleat

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Base swivel block 57mm
Swivel Base for block - outer-Ø mm 57 Ø pin mm 5 hole Ø mm 5
Terminal basket with restrictor
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Terminal stainless steel with shock absorber sheave on ball bearings, sheave and cleat light alloy spheres
Choke, hand
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Save your hands when you pull the tops using the choke power grip. This choke has a variety of uses for windsurfers, sailors, yachtsmen etc
Single block series 20
The incredible Series 20 Orbit Block ™ is capable of charging loads up to 250 kg (550 lb), while it weighs only 9 grams. It is so light weight that must be carried out
U-bolt base 55mm
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U-bolt welded on the basis of the four-hole outer-Ø 55 mm - hole Ø mm 5