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Browse our category of button latches and latches for boat doors and find what you need right away. Everything you need for the boat can be found in our Adria Marine shop on In addition to 10,000 products for boating in the catalog. Fast shipping throughout Italy and the world.

Brass spring closure
Spring closure Made of chromed brass, "Japan" production Suitable for many small uses, complete with teak gasket.
Chromed brass mini latch 16mm
Chromed brass mini latch 16mm. In nylon with brass button and ring. Drilling for ring nut Ø 24 mm.
Seaworld push button latch
Latch for doors and cabinet doors with push-pull button system. Nylon body with stainless steel springs
Simple nylon latch
Simple nylon latch. To close, press the button which remains flush, to open, press the button again which comes out, unlocking the doors and at the same time forming a grip knob. Assembly of the latch with 2 screws and of the ring nut from the outside with a Ø 26 mm hole. Latch body in nylon, stainless steel springs. The knob with ring nut must be ordered separately.
Simple chromed nylon latch
Plastic lock for doors and drawers, with simple block locking and with double locking and vibration dampers. Locks suitably made thanks to a long research and development work aimed at functionality and practicality and resistance against corrosion in the marine environment. Entirely built in self-lubricating plastic material and stainless steel springs. The button must be ordered separately
Brass doorstop 59 x 27 mm
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Doorstop in chromed brass 59 x 27 mm for locking doors, lockers and hatches