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Sailing outlet

Sailing, sailing and yachting clothing outlet

Browse our outlet category of technical sailing clothing, whether it is dinghy or yachting, in this section you can find our best offers. Everything you need for the boat can be found in our Adria Marine shop on In addition to 10,000 marine products in the catalog. Fast shipping throughout Italy and around the world.

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Gul 50N 4 Buckle Impact Vest / Buoyancy Aid

The Gul Impact Vest is the perfect piece to protect you when you're out on the water going at speed. Worn internationally by Jet Skiers, Kite Boaders and even super stars like Beyoncé Knowles. The CE approved layerd PE foam means that the jacket will absorb the impact when you hit the water and the 50N buoyancy means you'll stay afloat when in it.

€72.50 -35%

The range of the performance of our new junior top is designed to support our future olympic champions and the world cup with the material and design the most comfortable available on the market. By incorporating the technology of cutting-edge materials and features taken from our range of adults and proved to excel in. The top in neoprene, the new junior offers a great protection from the elements, keeping you warm and toasty. Combine this with our tracksuit bottoms or ¾ Hiker is the perfect combination when you're in the water.