Suits, pants and technical long john on baby

Suits, pants and technical long john on the child

Buy from us wetsuits, pants and technical long john on for the child! Here you can find products of Magic Marine, Zhik, Neil Pryde, or Gul. If you want to instead search for the brand name, you can use the special filters.

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The range of the performance of our new junior is built to support our future olympic champions and the world cup with the material and design the most comfortable available on the market. By incorporating the technology of cutting-edge materials and features taken from our range of adults and proved to excel in. The new suit from the skiff junior offers superior warmth, flexibility and elasticity. The fit mapped in 3D conforms to your body for an optimum fit. Also, the inside quick drying provides abrasion resistant panels and heat which give a greater durability in the high wear areas.