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Light Bulb Ba15S
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Lampadina Ba15S
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Tap with the barrel rib.Function: only cold water.Ø10mm
Clamp stainless 48/51mm
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Clamp, stainless steel bolt NORFLEX W4 to strong pressure.
Closure for padlock
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Locking lever in STAINLESS STEEL AISI 316 with portalucchetto.
16mm spark plug wrench
Double-jointed spark plug wrench for use in all conditions with hexagonal bushing and plastic-coated handle.
Right multipoint IV light
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Multifunction rear light with reverse light or rear fog light, reflector, license plate light, stop and position light. Complete with 12 V lamps.
Disconnect and transfer case automatic charging
Allow you to recharge two or more batteries simultaneously, providing one or more generators. Separate electrically each battery, allowing the charge preferred to the battery most discharged. Casing in anodised aluminium, with wide fins effectively disperse the heat. Degree of protection IP 685.
Trolley wheel 200x45mm
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Spare wheel for trolley drawbar Ø200x45 hole 20mm
Flag Greece 20x30cm
Greek flag in stamina of polyester 20x30 cm
Led bulb E14 1.3 W
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Lamp E14 18-LED SMD5050 high brightness, warm white light.
Switch safety X43
Safety switch X43 which allows the ignition of the engine, only the gearbox is in the neutral position. Suitable for use on lever controls B103 and B104.
Level sensor gasket
Replacement gasket for all types of boat level transmitters