The shaft and the piston 25J-30D

The shaft and the piston 25J-30D

All of the original parts Yamaha for the shaft and the piston of your engine outboard 25J-30D.

Transmitting the order, please number, serial full engine, Remember to press on "show more" to view correctly all of the matches with the numbers marked on the cross-section. If you can't find some spare ricercalo with the search bar on our site!

1 6J8114001100 CRANKSHAFT ASSY

2 6J8115360000 .GEAR, DRIVE

3 93311632U700 BEARING

4 9310226M2700 OIL SEAL

5 932104215900 O-RING

6 93306305U300 BEARING

7 902015030600 WASHER, PLATE

8 6J8116310246 PISTON

8 6J8116350200 PISTON (25MM O/S)

8 6J8116360200 PISTON (50MM O/S)

9 6J8116010100 PISTON RING SET (STD)

9 6J8116011100 PISTON RING SET (25MM O/S)

9 6J8116012100 PISTON RING SET (50MM O/S)

10 6J8116330000 PIN, PISTON

11 9360216M1000 PIN, DOWEL

12 902011637900 WASHER, PLATE

13 934501712900 CIRCLIPS

14 6J81539600CA SEAT SEAL

15 9310125M2800 OIL SEAL

16 9310116M3600 OIL SEAL (6A8)

17 9321056M8000 O-RING

18 970950601600 BOLT (GA1)

19 929900660000 WASHER (646)

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