List of products by brand Magic Marine

€249.99 -15%

Wax jacket Element WOMAN

Specifically shaped and adapted to women, the jacket ELEMENT has been developed using the technology which is performing MTECH2.0 to create a shell that is windproof, waterproof and breathable. The rear of the jacket is tailored and slightly longer, creating a feminine fit more flattering and practical, while being designed to last a long time, through the robust panels of Cordura © on elbow / forearms and on the bottom of the back.

€29.99 -15%

Toiletry bag folding with hanger for ease of use in the locker room or in the shower. Contains 3 compartments for organizing cosmetics and toiletries, all of which are designed to allow drainage. Contains an outer membrane water-resistant to protect interior items. Specifically designed to hold all of your personal items during a trip.

€59.99 -15%

Small travel bag to sailing with straps to a backpack removable developed to offer the best storage solution in small dimensions. Contains a separate compartment on one end, and with additional internal pockets for storage of essential items. The main compartment is equipped with a compartment waterproof integrated to separate the kit wet and dry. Through the clever arrangement of the bag, there is a place where everything can be stored you will need for a weekend of navigation. Hinges anti corrosion and a reinforced base on the bag to ensure the durability of this bag.

€159.99 -15%

Harness Magic Marine,very light, has a wide range of lifting to level the load on the hips and on the back, while you use a closure on the side. There is a support system for the back smart consists of 2 pockets where you can insert or pull out the slats in the glass fiber, depending on the support you need. These pockets conform to the rules of the International Sailing Federation with the proper measures of drainage. This harness is lightweight, offers maximum comfort and flexibility with minimum weight.