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Equipment such as harnesses, the base of the tree, trozza and boom burber.

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Allen sheave boxes are available with either plain or ball bearings, a choice of sheave material, Acetal resin, pressure die cast high grade aluminium or high load stainless steel.
They are suitable for all types of halyard systems, control line systems and general running rigging.
The Low profile range feature Allen's unique hook-in cage designed to deal with high loads of modern rigs.
The A4808 High tension sheave block features a twist open facility for better access when changing halyards etc.


The Super Dinghy Sheet from FSE Robline is ideal for use in single-handed dinghies and all applications where a low weight matters.  It is the sheet for sailors looking for a durable cover with minimal water absorption and low kinking tendency.


This releasable rubber joint / swivel for tiller extionsions is mounted with an aluminium pin only. The pin is kept in place by a piece of heat shrinkable tubing. To remove a joint : simply cut off the tubing and push the pin out. The joint incorporates a fibre core molded up in the centre. The fibre core will avoid complete failure should the rubber tear which allows you to finish the race. The distance between the mounting hole centers is 32 mm.

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Harness Magic Marine,very light, has a wide range of lifting to level the load on the hips and on the back, while you use a closure on the side. There is a support system for the back smart consists of 2 pockets where you can insert or pull out the slats in the glass fiber, depending on the support you need. These pockets conform to the rules of the International Sailing Federation with the proper measures of drainage. This harness is lightweight, offers maximum comfort and flexibility with minimum weight.